Saddle up for CocoaDevHouseTexas

Just when you thought it was safe to pack away your PowerBooks, MacBooks, and iBooks, CocoaDevHouse is back! Organization for CocoaDevHouseTexas, which will meet in Austin, is already underway so feel free to add yourself to the list of attendees. Chris Forsythe, of Growl, Adium, and Foom Software will be giving a presentation, as well as demonstrating a new application. Second on the list of presentations is my own (R. Tyler Ballance) presentation on using the Dumbarton bridge to leverage the cross-platform power of C# (via Mono).

The event is currently scheduled for Sept. 9th, coincidentally, the same date of CocoaDevHouseLondon. We’ve got people travelling from Dallas/Plano, Houston, and San Antonio, so if you need/want to carpool, just contact one of the individuals on the current list of attendees, hope to see you there!

Cocoa Dev House London


CocoaDevHouseLondon will now be held: 
Friday 8th Sept (5pm onwards)
Saturday 9th Sept (9am -> 9pm)


The Clore Management Centre (Birkbeck University, affiliated to London University)

Which is building Number 2 on this map 

Nearest Tube Picadilly Line: Russell Square, Northern Line: Goodge Street. Or 10 min walk from Central Line: Tottenham Ct Rd. 

Apologies for the late announcement but the new venue will allow us to stay and hack away far longer than the Idea Store, so it seemed like a better option.

Thanks to our sponsors Realmac Software and Wired Up & Fired Up we’ve come up with the £££’s to hire the venue.

Join in / Spread CocoaDevHouse

  • Blog about CocoaDevHouse and the London event
  • IRC: irc://
  • Flickr group:
  • Google Group:
  • CocoaDevBadge?:  The Official badge of CocoaDevHouse

Media contact for information and background on CDH

  • Blake Burris, CDH instigator and producer of CocoaRadio?: aim:cocoaradio skype:cocoaradio


Friday 8th Sept (5pm onwards)
Saturday 9th Sept (9am -> 9pm)


The Clore Management Centre (Birkbeck University, affiliated to London University)

Which is building Number 2 on this map


Register your interest below (using CamelCase? or [ ] to create a page for your bio, etc:

RichardKing – (richy .at.

Abizer – (abizer .at. Still a Cocoa Noob, though.

RonHatcher? – (ronaldhatcher .at. mac .dot. com)

NikFletcher? – (nik) [at] (nikfletcher) (dot) [com]. I’m a newbie too, but not through lack of trying 

[Rod] – (black(underscore)cast) {.at.} mac {.dot.} com) Longer term newbie since OpenStep?, seem to spend more time server side.

[stam] – stam66 .at. mac (dot) [co.m] cocoa n00b, seeking motivation 

RobbieDuncan? – robbie_cocoadevhouse .at. – I’ve released a couple of small apps. I was waiting for someone to start this!

BlakeBurris, skype:cocoaradio jabber:cocoaradio at gmail observer from Dallas  I’ll promote the London event on CocoaRadio? and blog.

FraserSpeirs? – fraser [at] Developer of [|FlickrExport?], etc.

SteveHarris? – steve [at] [|Reinvented Software] – tentative.

EdwardDeards? – (Edward (dot) Deards (at) gmail (dot) com) One time professional cocoa dev, now only in spare time.

NeilClayton? – Currently working part time at – soon to be doing so full time. Recent (2yr) switcher, attended a BNR Cocoa course early 2006.

Simon – Bitcartel Software – home of ComicBookLover?, RadioLover?, iRecordMusic, and more…

AndrewSkinner? – andy2307 (at) mac (dot) com – Starting out in the world of Mac development. Missed the 9th of Sept but will attend the next meetup if possible.

Things To Do

  • Ensure local web access / bandwidth suitable for video streaming
  • Setup IRC for viewing external participant conversation
  • CDH London artwork available at (Thanks Jake!)
  • Assign video streaming to someone familiar with QT Broadcast, Abizer? know who setup A-dam video? (it was well done imo)

Subversion Repository

I’ve set this up so that anyone can read, but you need a log in to commit. Do you want access? Send me an email:

  • address: abizern [at]
  • the username/password combination you would like.

It takes a minute to set you up as long as I have web access. So you can do it in advance, or ask me in person over the weekend.

If you haven’t used Subversion or before, or if you’re new to version control, I’m bringing tools and documentation along, and I’m more than happy to help you out.

Stuff coming along (add yours here)

  • Airport Express to boost wi-fi if available (Abizer)
  • Disk images of software:
    • XCode? 2.4 and CHUD (Abizer)
    • Version control bundle (Abizer)
      • Subversion
      • SvnX? – graphical front end for Subversion
      • Subversion reference book.
  • 4 plug power strip (Abizer) (+Nik – might be a cube though) Anyone else? there’ll be quite a lot of chargers that will need sockets. (+1 richy)
  • Hillegass Cocoa Book (Abizer) (+Nik)
  • Wrox Mac OS X Programming Book (Nik)
  • Digital Camera with a Flickr account (Nik)
  • Copies of RapidWeaver? (along with RealMacSoftware? stickers and badges) c/o our Sponsors (Nik to bring)
  • G3 iBook for random iChat/IRC usage. (Rich)
  • Router & Hub & ethernet-wifi bridge (Rich)
  • Ethernet Cables (2 Richy) (+1 Abizer on Saturday) Please bring one if you have one.
  • Assortment of USB cables (just in case) (Nik)
  • Multiformat memory card reader (also just in case) (Nik)
  • Blank CDs? incase we want to burn anything (Abizer)
  • JBL Duet Speakers & Logitech Skype headset (Nik) incase anyone wants to give a presentation….
  • Whiteboard markers and BluTack?. I believe Ron is bringing temporary whiteboards (Rich)

Misc. Things

  • CocoaDevHouseQuotes: A quick glance at some of the more comical things said during a CocoaDevHouse event.
  • CocoaAppIdeas?: Check out some of our CocoaDevHouse project ideas
  • CocoaResources?: New hat or old, here are some very useful Cocoa resources

Cocoa Dev House Texas

Grab your spurs and your debugger.


CocoaDevHouse is an somewhat impromptu “unconference” styled after SuperHappyDevHouse?, and BarCamp? aimed at bringing Mac developers, and other Mac enthusiasts together. CocoaDevHouseTexas is aimed at bringing as many Mac developers and enthusiasts together with good mexican food and good conversation and quite possibly, some good code. If you’re interested in “sponsoring” CocoaDevHouseTexas scroll down to the “Sponsors” section.

Austin Attractions Austin is quite literally an oasis of cool in the middle of Texas, so feel free, if you’re travelling from Dallas, or Houston, to stay overnight. Austin has great live music venues, such as Stubb’s. or Emo’s. Austin is also home to the University of Texas, and 6th street, where all the cool people of Austin hang out.


Across the street from the original CocoaDevHouse Location on 6th Street between Lavaca and Guadalupe. Awaiting final confirmation. Details to follow. Location will be posted HERE as soon as we get final approval. Check back here like every 8 minutes…


CocoaDevHouseTexas is set to occur on Saturday, September 9th, 2015



  • Chris Forsythe (Houston) aim:omgwtfsco aim:headliner321 freenode:The_Tick
  • R. Tyler Ballance (San Antonio) aim:agentdero skype:agentdero


  • Dustin Bachrach (San Antonio) aim:debachrach254 skype:ahdustin
  • Blake Burris (Dallas) aim:cocoaradio skype:cocoaradio
  • Giovanni Gallucci (Plano) aim:giovannigallucci skype:giovannigallucci The Agency Blog | Queso Compuesto | MediaSwamp?
  • whurley aim:whurleyvision
  • Paul Litvak (Austin) aim:paullitv
  • Thomas Hallock (Austin) aim:hallockthomas skype:thomashallock
  • Todd M

Possible Attendees

  • ZacWhite? would like to attend, but Austin is really freakin’ far. aim:cubeman
  • Vicki Farmer would come if it got postponed to a different weekend. (Going to be at Photoshop World on the 9th.) (And the Tulsa Scottish Games on the 16th.) (My life, and welcome to it. ;D)
  • Add yourself below


  • Chris Griego (Allen) (No final address or time the morning of the event? No thanks.)
  • Mike Griego (Plano)


Although CocoaDevHouse is an unofficial non-profit organization, we will accept sponsorship. Sponsorship will earn you or your company the gratitude of many a Mac developer/enthusiast, as well as being linked from the CocoaDevHouseTexas page, as well as participating bloggers (i.e. when posting about CocoaDevHouseTexas, all you need to do is say “Special thanks to Company X for catering Chuy’s for the event” for example).

What needs to be covered

  • ”’CocoaDevHouseTexas needs a venue, preferably in Austin. – Venue & Bartender Graft Sponsorship provided by The Agency Blog & Queso Compuesto Techs-Mex Podcast
  • Food and refreshments (Austin has some great mexican resturants, if one could cater, that would be fantastic).
  • SVGA Projector of some kind in order to project presentations onto the side of a wall/bus/large man I can bring a projector (Giovanni Galucci)
  • T-Shirts?


  • i suck at computers R. Tyler Ballance’s Blog
  • Jake Dahn’s Blog
  • Dustin Bachrach’s Blog
  • The Agency Blog “Giovanni Gallucci’s Blog”
  • Cocoa Junkie Paul Litvak’s Blog


  • Blake Burris for CocoaRadio
  • Queso Compuesto