Batman Begins Online Slot Rating and Review

One of the most well-known characters to ever appear in a comic book is Batman. The vigilante and hero of Gotham City has been the subject of a great number of comic book adaptations, in addition to movies. But “Batman Begins,” which was released in 2005 and starred Christian Bale as Batman, Katie Holmes, and Michael Caine, is generally considered to be the beginning of the finest Batman film series. Playtech has finally made up its mind to adapt that outstanding movie into a slot game. The Batman Begins video slot is just one of the numerous DC Comics-related and branded games that the software company offers on its website. Playtech’s Batman Begins is a slot machine that you should not pass up since it has a return to player percentage of 95.03%, a medium volatility, a very entertaining gameplay that has the potential to lead to some excellent rewards, and four progressive jackpot awards.

You may load the game on any platform, whether it’s a mobile or desktop computer, and the bets that you place in it are pretty reasonable. You will be entertained for a considerable amount of time thanks to the 5-stage gameplay that includes wilds and multipliers; however, before you kick back, relax, and start digging in, you should make sure that you read through our review of Batman: The Begins to figure out how to play through the special features.

Controls & Configuration for the Batman: The Begins Slots

You should be aware that the settings for configuring the bets and entering the paytable will be the same regardless of whether you choose to play the Batman Begins slot machine on your Android or iOS mobile device or if you’d rather play it on your computer. This is the case regardless of whether you decide to play it on your mobile device or on your computer.

You may access the paytable by clicking on the little letter I that is located in the left-bottom area below the reels. This is the entry to the game. The line bet and total bet amounts will be shown right next to it. These amounts, along with the total bet amount, may be raised or lowered using the plus and minus buttons, respectively. The total stake per line may go as high as 10 credits, although the minimum is only 0.01 dollars. Because there are 20 paylines available in the slot machine, this indicates that the range of possible wagers is from 0.20 to 200 credits. You should now be able to see the win display in the middle of the area below the reels. You can see the total amount of lines displayed to its right, as well as the autoplay and turbo play choices right next to the spin button.

Moving on to the paytable, you will find that the playing card symbols made of metallic steel range from 9 all the way up to A. For 5-of-a-kind combinations, each of these symbols will award you anywhere from 20 to 70 coins. You will get 100 coins from Bruce Wayne, 200 coins from Jim Gordon, and 300 coins from the Scarecrow if you have the greatest combination. You will get 500 coins from Dr. Jonathan Crane, while Ra’s Al Ghul will offer you 700 coins. When you get five of a type of Batman symbols, you get 1,000 credits. This makes him the symbol with the highest payout.

Gameplay and Extra Features for Batman: The Beginning

The slot game has three wild symbols, each of which may take the place of any other icon to help complete winning combinations. A standard wild, an enlarged wild, and an unique wild are all available here. The Gotham silhouette with Batman’s insignia superimposed on it makes up the regular wild. It is possible for it to show up at any point. In addition to serving as an expanding wild, the Batman symbol may appear on any stage. It will spread to span the whole middle reel when it arrives on the hotspot, which is the center point on the middle reel. There is a specific wild that corresponds to each step, such as the flower wild, the microwave wild, the petrol wild, the Bat-signal wild, and the batmobile wild.

Now, let’s talk about the different phases. In addition to the hotspot, there are two meters located above the reels that must be filled in order to advance to the appropriate level. The temple stage that is associated with the flower wild is activated when Ra’s al Ghul arrives on the hotspot in the monorail to fill the meter. These wilds have the ability to extend by one reel place in any one of the four diagonal directions. If you land a symbol representing Bruce Wayne on the hotspot, one bar will be added to the left meter. If you land a symbol representing Dr. Crane, one bar will be added to the right meter. You will advance to the next level regardless of whatever meter you fill first.

You will advance to the Wayne Manor level if you successfully land the Bruce Wayne symbol in the hotspot and fill either the batcave meter or the temple meter. In this game, there will be petrol wilds, which may replicate anywhere from two to five adjacent reel spots. When there is a Scarecrow sign in the hotspot, one bar is added to the left meter, and when there is a Gordon symbol, one bar is added to the right meter. It is necessary to fill the meters in order to go to the next step. When you land Dr. Crane on the hotspot to complete the meter in either the temple or Arkham Asylum, the Batcave level will become available to play. Wild symbols like the Batmobile emerge in this slot and move to the left by one spot on a respin. On the first reel, a batmobile wild will go to the left side of the reels. While Bruce Wayne is on the hotspot, you receive one bar added to the left meter; when Gordon is on the hotspot, you get one bar added to the right meter.

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