Overview of the Lord of the Reels Slot Game

For all those grid slot players who also happen to be metal fans, Play’n GO has released a branded slot game called Lordi. Seeing these men again would be a dead giveaway. Lordi, a kind of Finnish Slipknot, burst onto the European music scene with their breakout single “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (external Youtube link; give it a try). Dressed as zombie Klingons, the Eurovision stage was ripped apart in a way it never had been before. It wasn’t going to be simple to capture Lordi’s distinct style of rock ‘n’ roll, so let’s take a look at how well they’ve done in the resultant slot, Lordi Reel Monsters.

The comic book aesthetic works nicely with the concept, and the setting appears suitably eerie, like Transylvania on a very dark and foggy night. A 7×7 gaming board is set against a backdrop of gnarled, leafless trees and a château with a pointed roof. Mr Lordi, alias Tomi Petteri Putaansuu, the main vocalist of the band, is on one side, and the charge meter, which is in charge of infusing characteristics, is on the other. The graphics are entertaining and dramatic even if you’re not a huge fan of the band, and they provide a good chuckle with an extra dose of metal. Turn the volume down if your ears are very sensitive, or turn it up as it was intended to be played for the full Lordi experience.

Lordi Reel Monsters’ mathematical model falls somewhere in the center of the pack when compared to other grid-based slot machines. Play’n GO gives it a 6 out of 10 (medium) volatility rating, so it’s hardly the most dangerous monster they’ve ever produced. As is typical with Play’n GO, the RTP varies; if you’re looking for the most liberal option, seek for the version with an RTP of 96.2%. From then, RTP can fall to the 80s in some jurisdictions. The deafening chaos can be experienced on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, and bets range from 10 p/c to £/€100, satisfying punters with a wide range of budgets.

The domino effect of Lordi’s features kicks off with a simple cluster victory. When five or more identical symbols appear in neighboring spots, the cluster is eliminated and fresh symbols are dropped from above. When a new cluster doesn’t appear, the cascade win mechanism stops. The lower-value tiles include five tokens that appear to be symbols, whereas the higher-value tiles feature five characters: Mana, Hiisi, Amen, Hella, and Mr. Lordi. Clusters of 5 symbols pay off at a rate of 0.1x to 2.5x the wager, with larger clusters (10x to 250x the wager) requiring 15 or more symbols. Wild symbols, represented by skulls with horns and sparkling eyes, can be used in place of regular pay symbols to assist form clusters.

Features of the Lord of the Reels Slot Machine

As previously noted, the features of Lordi Reel Monsters may be accessed by accumulating cluster wins. The Monster Charger has two stages and each winning symbol adds one charge. After 15 charges, a Monster is released, and after 40 charges, a free spin is awarded.


When the cascade ends and the Monster Charger has 15 charges or more, a random Monster modifier will do the following actions:

Mr. Lordi — makes the board wild for 5–8 spaces.

Hella – wipes the screen clean of all symbols save for wilds and one or two other sorts.

AMEN – Alternates between two and five symbols.

Hiisi – picks a winning symbol to use in a cluster.

Mana – makes a certain kind of symbols wild.

Slot Review: Lord of the Reels Monsters

Lordi is an active band doing their own thing, as seen by their heavy-hitting performance at Eurovision. This makes them a perfect fit for Play’n GO’s expanding line of rock-themed slot machines. The studio avoided making the band into a trite stereotype while still doing a good job with the crossover. Lordi Reel Monsters is a well-balanced game that was designed with the heavy metal grid slot player in mind and should provide them with hours of fun.

The only major complaint is that the gameplay is repetitive, since it adheres to the tried-and-true Play’n GO formula of piling up wins, setting off features when thresholds are reached, and culminating in a free spin when the meter is full. However, in light of everything else Lordi Reel Monsters has to offer, this criticism seems petty and academic. In any case, if novel features are a requirement, there are plenty of alternatives in Play’n GO’s rock series. An option with the same set of features as Testament, for instance, would be useful. Lordi Reel Monsters’ gameplay may not be as cutting edge as the band themselves, but it’s as reliable as a puppy jumping up on your lap for a pat. It would have been lovely to win more than one free spin, but collecting 40 charges isn’t exactly a Herculean feat, so players may not have to wait long before the next trigger is activated. In terms of payouts, the game offers a maximum win figure of 4,000x, which is respectable for a slot machine of this grid format.

The rock slot ‘Lordi Reel Monsters,’ which I played, reminded me of slots featuring artists like ‘Twisted Sister. It’s not the most risky or lucrative option out there, but it does a fantastic job of channeling the Lordi spirit and providing fans with an entertaining way to spend time while still enjoying a number of tried-and-true grid slot features.

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