Wiki Tips and Tricks

How can I easily link to Wikipedia?

PmWiki supports linking to Wikipedia quite easily actually, it’s the same markup (more or less) as a standard link in PmWiki’s markup: When I write Mac software, I use [[Wikipedia:Core Data | Core Data]] and [[Wikipedia:Cocoa (API)]]

When I write Mac software, I use Core Data and Wikipedia:Cocoa

How can I add one of those cool post-it notes to a page?

Post-It notes are thanks to the PostItNotes recipe fron the PmWiki cookbook. To learn how to use PostItNotes? more extensively, check out the PostItNotes page. To use a simple note use the following syntax:(:note Alert! | This is a simple note! 🙂

You can also create “hidden notes” that will merely display the title, and then once clicked, reveal their contents:(:notehidden Top Secret! | Aliens really do exist! Ruh roh! 🙂

Fancy notes are just as simple by using the following syntax:(:notefancy Alert, my good sir | This is a much fancier, but still relatively simple note 🙂

Rumour has it you can embed RSS feeds into pages as well

Via the PmFeed recipe, you can embed an RSS feed into any wiki page you like, for example, your personal page.(:pmfeed max_count=3 showitemdescr=false feed=’’:)

Error: It’s not possible to reach RSS file …

How can I embed source code into my page?

Thanks to the SourceBlock recipe, you can embed coloured code into a wiki page: (:source lang=c:)
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
std::cout << “Hi Mom!\n”;
return 0;

To end the source block, use (:sourceend:)[Get Code]int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    std::cout << “Hi Mom!\n“;
    return 0;

How does tagging work with this wiki?

Via the Tags recipe, it’s possible to tag newly created, and already existing wiki pages. All that needs to be done, is at the bottom of a page add: (:tags cocoa, tipsandtricks, exampletag 🙂
cocoa, tipsandtricks, exampletag,

And as you can see, when you click on these tags, it will bring up a page of all the similarly tagged pages. Nifty! 

I like the Frappr Map, can I use that in any page I want?

But of course  The Frappr map has been added to PmWiki’s custom markup and you can embed it into any page using the following: (:frappr:)