Cocoa Dev House Amsterdam

Next CocoaDevHouse in Amsterdam(?)

A lot of new cool Cocoa stuff has emerged from Apple since the last CocoaDevHouse in Amsterdam. Time to organize a new event? Is there interest for such an event to take place some time in early 2015?

About the previous CocoaDevHouse event:

Video Podcast Online…

I finally extracted the content of my video camera to produce a pretty long Video of Cocoa Dev House Amsterdam… Check it out directly in iTunes and write your comments at ! StuFF? mc.

Attention Please! (update)

An update on the RFID project we built during CCDHA. Today is the big day when the thing we made (a combination of a WebObjects? backend and two RFID client applications) is being used for real. A few last minute hiccups (like XCode? only producing Intel versions of everything and trying to then run them on PowerPCs?) but its hacked up and holding together with style. Katie is documenting the whole thing on Flickr and the Attention Please site so check ’em out.

Again huge thanks to everyone who helped, especially Axel the AttentionSeeker?.app and Johan the AttentionGrabber?.app

It’s Over!

A massive thank you from Katie to all CocoaDevHouseAmsterdam attendees who made the event fabulous. I had fun, hope you all did too. We had about 40 people in total (many people came by Friday night) and the hardcore crew of 16 or so were there till 2am Sunday, plus of course the guys in the backchannel.

So what did we make and do? Well the grand achievement of being a Flickr hot tag obviously. More updates will come here; I know Paul is tweaking the Cocoa RFID app he, Dirk, Axel, Johan and Abizer made. To be continued…


Tshirts from CocoaDevHouseAmsterdam are still available. If you’d like one, we can ship them anywhere so just PayPal? EUR15? to and tell us your address. Picture of Tshirt on Model!


So we’re going to start back at 10am ish. The lovely Nadya has the keys and we agreed, 10, well maybe 10.30. Seeing as we only left at 2, that’s pretty good going! If you Amsterdammers are keener than this, get a coffee or something…


Get to Centraal Station. As you come out of the Station turn left and look for the large building site. One of the buildings just has POST CS written in big, can’t miss it. CCDHA is located in the bottom floor of that building. Just head towards it and follow the signs for POST CS, Restaurant 11 and Stadelijk Museum.

If you need any bits of kit theres an apple center just across from Centraal

Getting there early? Just come by whenever you arrive, people will be around, arriving and getting things setup from the afternoon onwards.


 * Weekend of 22nd April 2015

Friday 21st April: 6pm Introductions, drinks, planning and ideas session Saturday 22nd April 10am Hackathon Start, wth other sessions (in an adhoc manner) throughout the day

Other things to do in Amsterdam around the same time: iPod Party (at Mac Expo) Mac Expo Amsterdam April 26th – 28th Amsterdam Blogonomics Conference April 27th 1-6pm Queen’s Day (April 29)

Who’s talking about the CocoaDevHouse Amsterdam?

  • BlakeBurris on CocoaRadio
  • EuroMacPodcast?, starting at the 9 minute mark on episode #1:
  • Attention Please
  • devdev2040
  • Stompy
  • Alper


The event will be hosted by our generous venue donours: Mediamatic and who are hosting a Beer and Breakout session on Friday evening.

  • CocoaDevHouseAmsterdam hackathon: Mediamatic, “Le Mepris” exhibition**

The CocoaDevHouse hackathon event will take place in the fabulous “Le Mepris’ and exhibition designed to resemble an airport lounge. Willem Welthoven of Mediamatic has also very kindly offered us the use of a reinstated Food Facility and GarageBox? Bar for the duration of the event. So that’s a hackathon, in an airport lounge, in an art exhibition!

  • Breakout and Beer (a breakout / social session with a beer)**

It’s going to be in Fleck’s headquarters. It’s going to be Friday night at a suitable point, and more importantly it’s going to be at Fleck! I’m told the beta isn’t quite ready for a sneak preview but you never know!

  • Location**

Both venues are in the same building; the famous PostCS? tower also home to the Stedelijk Museum (of Modern Art) and Club11! Just turn up and come to the Mediamatic space on the ground floor.

Oosterdokskade 5 1011 AD Amsterdam

On Plazes: Mediamatic: Le Mepris Exhibition: Food Facility: Garage Box Bar: Club/Bar/Restaurant 11:

Also pease add youself to the Wiki (edit this page) and also to the Upcoming event if you’re coming).

Flickr group for CocoaDevHouse is a good place to join and there are pictures from CocoaDevHouseDallas there.


CocoaDevHouse is a meetup where we hack away at cocoa! It’s a chance for Cocoa Developers, WebObjects? Developers, Mac Geeks, UX designers, and web service developers to meet up and make stuff. Amongst other things, there is always one of the CocoaDevHouse projects to hack away on, read more in CocoaAppIdeas?.

It’s an Amsterdam ‘chapter’ of CocoaDevHouse, hoping to attract Cocoa and Mac geeks from Europe and the Netherlands to Amsterdam for a weekend Hackathon and Show and Tell event.CocoaDevHouseAmsterdam is a hackathon for Cocoa Developers. A lot of people who are not necessarily Cocoa Developers are very interested, so we will also have adhoc sessions and discussions on anything related going on at the same time. These may include a session on WebObjects?,(Paul has volunteered) product show and tells (ask Boris about, or generally just meeting new people and hanging out in the Oosterdokskade!

For any devhouse/hackaton/unconference novices who want more info on the format, and history, I have blogged about this on my blog here:


  • -Could do with a little help and advice from the seasoned DevHouse? / Barcamp crew as to how much *sponsorship* is required to make sure everyone stays fed and watered!- Andy Smith has made a fabulous “How To DevHouse?”! We shall read and learn.


Cocoa Hackerati, Webservice developers, Wocoders, Designers, geeks and supergeeks!


  • BlakeBurris AIM/Gtalk: cocoaradio
  • Katie Lips
  • Paul Stringer
  • [|Mediamatic]
  • AndySmith?


  • [|Katie Lips] of [|Treasuremytext]
  • Paul Stringer – [|]
  • Tian Cocker – [|3D Guy]
  • Jasper Hauser – [|Jasper Hauser Icon Design]
  • Johan Kool – [|] (can’t make it in the morning, probably be there from � 1 PM)
  • Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten – [|]
  • Mek&Tosj (Alexander Griekspoor, Tom Groothuis) – [|]
  • Rob Das – [|Filmgarage]
  • Georg Tuparev – [|WO&Cocoa wizards ]
  • Daniel Salber – [|FireAnt?.tv] & [|]
  • Abizer Nasir – Proto-geek of [|]
  • (present) Redmar Kerkhoff – [|]
  • (present) Yun Zheng Hu – [|]
  • JakeDahn? – [] – attending through “Teh Backchannel” – Someone bring a DV cam or isignt, with streaming server 
  • Alper �uğun – [|]
  • [|Dirk van Oosterbosch] of [|Intellistener]
  • Steven Wittens – [|]
  • [|Andy Smith]
  • [|Nadya Peek]
  • [|Marco Wessel]
  • Arjen Keesmaat [|arri – unexpected media] (sadly can only be there from sat. morning on, but can most likely arrange streamingserver+bandwidth, and maybe some DV-cams)
  • Axel Roest [|]
  • Micha Hernandez van Leuffen aka [ |mies]
  • [|Breyten Ernsting]
  • [ | StuFF? mc]
  • Koen Bok – [|]


Things needed

  • Extension cord to pick up conversations
  • Someone to setup IRC channel on projector (for each working group area)

Things covered

  • Venue
  • Projector and beamer thing
  • Streaming – Our streaming solution is going to be pretty rocking, we’ve got a kickass team lined up to get CocoaDevHouse Amsterdam to the rest of the world. Rob Das from [|Film Garage] is on the case with cameras, we have a Mac for streaming from the [|MacHouse?] and we have bountiful bandwidth to deliver the stream to everyone else provided by our great hosting providers [|illuminex] who host all our WebObjects? apps and are based in Minneapolis. Also from the looks of this page, there are plenty of offers of expertise so it’s gonna be good.
  • Bandwidth – Marco from Mediamatic is on the case with internal network stuff
  • Posted this on Upcoming
  • subversion repository set up at – contact me for commit access: abizer at
  • Mediamatic are kindy providing some tables and chairs, toilet facilities etc. If you want to sleep over you can, but bring a mat, as the floor is a little hard.
  • Posters – Round and about and also in the [|Apple Centre Centraal Station]and the [|MacHouse?].
  • Tshirts – In progress, on order, can get more if we run out. No problem. These exclusive, top quality, gorgeous geek shirts will be on sale for a reasonable amount – (to cover costs). We couldn’t use [|GoodStorm?] as they don’t ship to Europe but we found [ |AKDR Visual Group], a nice friendly local Amsterdam printing shop who are being very helpful.

First Results

  • [|] – Centralized Web.20 Sign-up Service. Developed and launched in less than one hour.
  • [|canvas bomberman] (FF1?.5/Opera9/Safari2 only). -Web game. No flash. Developed earlier, but polished + improved here.